Welcome to BCTRIMS 2020


With the Positivist movement, the sciences gained momentum and the need arose for specialization as well as greater mastery of specific subjects. At the same time, knowledge grew exponentially. This is how Neuroimmunology developed, through the efforts of the various professionals who focused on multiple sclerosis, NMOSD, and related diseases. Translational research has made it possible to integrate basic science and neurology, thus improving clinical applicability. Complementary examinations such as MRI, OCT, antibody dosage, and markers such as neurofilaments have led to earlier diagnoses and better monitoring of neuroimmune diseases.

The integrated work of a multi-professional team is required to enhance the patient´s quality of life, centering on the cognitive, affective, motor, sensory, and urogenital difficulties, as well as other issues such as accessibility and employability.

An event such as BCTRIMS, therefore, acts as a catalyst, bringing together multiple professionals around a common gravitational center in which each player sheds the light of their experience on others and benefits in turn from their knowledge.

Welcome to the BCTRIMS universe!

Fernando Coronetti Gomes da Rocha

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